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Part 33: Secret Plots

Part 33

Solid's big plan [Oct 13th, 1007|12:26 pm]

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We will train up power this session. Power, power and more power.

And then what?

And then? MORE POWER!

I want Solid to be so strong that he can punch the Earth out of its orbit.

I'll get right on that. But first...

Lord Baby Jesus in Heaven, if you see fit to strike me down before Colt can sing, I would be ever so grateful.

Damn you, Jesus! Damn you to hell!

In response, Solid crawled onto the target range, and began chucking rocks at Colt.

As an added bonus, he gained some skill in the process.

Come on, Solid! Hit the dominoes.

What's the holdup?

He doesn't seem to like the new stone dominoes you set up.

I don't care what he likes! He'll punch those until his hands bleed, then punch the blood until it stops coming out!

If you insist...

See? Progress! Let no one doubt my amazing breeding techniques.

Solid is clutching his hands in pain.

Tell him to walk it off. No, better yet. Make him run it off. 50 laps!

That's going to give me nightmares.

And I think that's great!

I am the greatest monster trainer ever to have lived. I am Loongear.

Can't you see I'm busy gloating?

Yeah, but listen to this.

Well, let's take a look.

Charlie Brown would be proud. God, that is an ugly tree.

I bet it'll grow real big!

Sure, and I bet you'll blossom into a lovely young woman.

Well thanks, I... Hey wait a minute!

Shut up for a second. Look, Solid's doing something over there. Go check it out.

Why me?!

Because I'm bigger than you.

FINE... Jerk... Let's see. It looks like Solid buried some notes... Oh. Hah! Hahahahaha! HAHAHAHA!
Oh, this is so great!

What? What is it? What did you find?

Nothing. Nothing at all. It was just some napkins.

Oh, okay then. Let's get back to training Solid, then.

Yes, sir.

Wellll, what should I do with old Solid next? I can just train him balls-out, or I can linger around in C rank, fighting in all the tiny tournaments I can to get some cash flowing.