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Part 37: Meet Sandy

Part 37

Mythslayers [Sep 5th, 1009|6:24 pm]

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What about it?

Well, it's a tournament with legendary monsters, like the phoenix. If we send Solid in there, there's a good chance he won't make it out.

...What have I got to lose?

Your life.

Thanks for reminding me. Let's just do this before Solid decides to gut me.

I've got nothin'.

Yeah, that was pretty weak. I'll just go home.

Wow, that was easy.

I've got to remember to do that again next time.

So Solid's first opponent was Bigfoot. That's right. Friggin' Bigfoot. The legendary ape-man of the forest, who lives in a gingerbread house and eats stray children. At least, that's what Wikipedia said.

Solid, somewhat unimpressed by his sasquatch opponent, started pumping up to end the match in one mighty blow.

...which was a slap. Bigfoot responded by sitting in a corner and crying for the rest of the match. Either Bigfoot is a wuss, or we got a baby sasquatch by mistake. Either way, we advanced.

Solid Waste vs. a very bad pun. I kind of want Solid to win just to punish that bird for having such a stupid name.

The poor name was more than compensated by the bird's killer attacks. It pounded Solid with laser targeted, heat-seeking... uh, heat. It hurt. Solid responded to his flying opponent in the only way he knew how:

Rocket launcher.

I've never seen a flaming bird god get shot down with rockets before. It was pretty cool.

And we got another trophy to throw in the pile. It's getting kind of silly by this point. I went back to my room to figure out some other way to secretly get rid of Solid without arousing his wrath. For the time being, battles seem to be giving him something to be occupied with instead of plotting my death. And then came the bad news.

I should really be more prepared for this situation. All I could do, was hide under my bed. Colt didn't seem to notice and went on with what we all know and dread by this point.

Sing it with me, Loongear!

Well, let's see...

Judging by how he's fleeing, I'd imagine not.

As it turned out, he was rushing to resume his training.

I think his plan at this point is to punch a hole in the part of the Earth I am living on. But before he could, we got ourselves a visitor.

He's hiding in his bedroom. Who are you?

Like Indiana Jones?

Kind of, but with less Nazis.


OW! Who threw a rock at my head?!


Grr. Fine. Loongear will see you now, Mr..?

Kavaro. Sandy Kavaro. I'm planning on making a trip to the jungles of Parepare, to dig up some monster ruins. It's very mysterious and secret.

You mean you don't know anything about it.

Exactly. So it'll be pretty dangerous,

You mean Colt?

How good are we talking?

You can keep the less shiny treasures we find along the way.

Well, I dunno. It would mean I'd have to get out of the house. Let's see what the internet folks say.