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Part 38: Jungle Adventure Minivan

Part 38

Jungle Infection [Nov 6th, 1009|10:11 pm]

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It took me weeks to choose what to do, but ultimately I decided to go to the jungles. Mel was pretty pleased.

What? Don't we get the chance to pack?

No time! Now get in my minivan!

You heard him, Colt! Grab Solid and let's get going!

Kavaro was clever enough to bring along a change of clothes for Colt and myself. I had a khaki jacket and a little hazmat mask to keep out any jungle viruses. Colt, on the other hand...

...Why are you staring at me?

You look like a little dutch boy.

But Kavaro said this would protect me from the extra humidity.

Yeah, that was a lie. I just wanted to see you dress up like that.

You are a monster.

Kavaro responded by staring intensely at us for a solid minute.

And then he wandered off on the trail with Solid in tow. Why do I end up with all the insane people?

Regardless, we pressed on through the hot jungles in search of some kind of jungle treasure.

A jungle tree! Solid, smash it!

There's a path around it like 5 feet away, you know.


Boo-ya. Now let's move on.

No, it's actually in good condition. This section was known as Parepare's "ghetto".

Cool, let's plunder it.

Solid kept getting lost inside the building, but he did manage to snag one treasure before quitting.

What the hell is that supposed to be?

That's a rare plant, called irritator. It was used to stress out and fatigue monsters, for some reason.

It's saying something...

Feed me

Okay we're throwing that away right now.

Pressing on, Solid blazed a trail through solid boulders and small animals. We followed the trail of slit throats to another building.

This was the fecatorium.

What's that mean?

One big communal toilet.

Yeah, I can see Colt living there.

I turned my head for a second, and Solid vanished. We were about to search for him, when we heard a rustle.

KC Green made this for me because he is awesome and also because I gave him money



Hey, look at that statue!

A mammoth?


But didn't mammoths live in the ice age?

Do I look like a paleontologist?

Kind of.

Well I'm not. I study things, not dead monsters from a bygone era.

Fine, whatever, let's just rob the stupid statue.

Another flower. Wonderful.

This is a griever. Blowing off its seeds has been known to reduce stress for a monster.

Well, that'll save me on mint leaves.

Oh, it's still not as good as a mint leaf. In fact, I'd say it was downright worthless.

I hate everything.

Let's just go home before Solid tries to stab our souls.

What?! No it wasn't! We just got some cheap-ass flowers! You made me get out of my room for this?! You people suck!

Hey! I'll have you know... Oh who am I kidding? We suck.

My mom says I don't suck...

Ugh. Whatever. Let's just focus on training Solid for now. I'm going to play with my griever in the meantime.