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Part 39: It Flowers The Bud

Part 39

Back on track [Jan 20th, 1010|12:57 pm]

[Current Mood| pretty ok I guess]
[Current Music|Mike Patton gargling Gershwin, Vol.2]

Just as I was getting started on my new panic room system, Colt burst into my bedroom with that awful look of hope in her eyes.

It's a tree. They do that.

Yeah, but look! Just look at it!

Well, I'm sure that come spring it'll... Wait, what did you just say?

No, go back. What the hell were you just talking about? Do you have a brain tumor I don't know about?

Maybe. What's a tumor?

It's... no, nevermind. Just go train Solid in something.

You got it!

Loongear! He broke the dominoes again!

Then order some more. Jesus Christ, girl. Do you have to tell me about every little thing that goes on here?


Oh. Uh. Well, then go train Solid in something else. I'm busy with important things.

You know, it's illegal to install fire poles in a residential building.

Curse you, zoning laws!

Looongeeeaar! Solid broke the target signs again!

He's supposed to do that! God, you really DO have a brain tumor, don't you?

What do I do to cure tumors?

You train my monster some more. Step to it.


I swear to Christ, if you're complaining about the boulder I will tear your head off with my bear hands.

I'd like to see you try with your scrawny girl arms. But no, I wanted to let you know we got an errantry coupon.

Oh ok then. So I guess we should decide where to send Solid off to.

Colt, why is there a depressed pimp at my door?

I'm not just an ordinary depressed pimp, sir. Here, my card.

I bet it's some new breed of monster. I want to go investigate, but I've heard it's pretty dangerous out there. And I can't own any firearms due to a, um, an incident.

You got it! I heard you guys are pretty good at adventuring in random places for next to no compensation.

Ohhhh no you don't. I'm not going on any more trips to god knows where with god knows who for some crap like a feather or flowers. You can go screw right off, pinky.

But, but my Dad said-

Your Dad?

Why am I not surprised?

It'll be worth your time, I swear! I have foodstamps! PLEASE TAKE ME!

Oh jeez, he's clinging.

Will it get him off my pant leg?

No promises!

Well... I'll have to consider it. So guys, what should we do? Errantry or mountain adventure with, with that guy.