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Part 41: Loongear Asserts His Masculinity

Part 41

I am a man again [April 15th, 1010|12:42 pm]

[Current Mood| afraid no longer]
[Current Music|that victory theme from Final Fantasy on a loop]

You should totally feel proud of me, internet. I finally took a stand against Solid Waste and his constant stream of death threats!

Once we came back down from the mountain, Solid went right into his normal training routine that I hate because it goes against my orders.

Sure, he had some decent gains, but it was time to put my foot down. That's right, I scolded him.

The next day, Colt found a letter addressed to me.

"Go to the hill behind your ranch, and come alone."

It was written magazine clippings, and had a dead bird attached.

And so I went, to meet my mystery play-mate. There I saw Solid, giving me the oddest stare I have ever seen, stroking his knife fondly. Our eyes locked. This was it. Man vs. monster. Only one of us was going to leave this field alive... and I was unarmed. I kind of thought he really wanted to play. Just then, Colt trotted in.

Today is the birthday of Solid Waste!

I think the knife would have been better.

Here's your present!

You got him a present?

You bet! But it's in town. Let's all go see Solid's present!


And then I had him put to sleep.

Another victory for Loongear! I fear NOTHING!

However, I kind of need a new monster now. Hopefully one that isn't bent on killing me. Here's what I have on hand:

Devin Townsend - The Hummer

Peeping Tom

Wesley Willis - Greatest Hits 2

One of those duck dolls Colt glued together with that tree glue

That stupid eternally-burning feather

What should I use?