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Part 43: Ducks Made of Lego

Part 43

Dead duck [Aug 8th, 1010|6:36 pm]

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That duck thing sucks at punching. Let's see how bad its aim is.

I don't think I'll ever get used to seeing it do that with its head.

Whatthef! That is inappropriate!

That wasn't too bad. At least, as far as gains go. It was still an awful sight to behold. Maybe we should see if it can do some book learnin'.

Five minutes into class, Whatthef and Joy got into a heated debate over Francis Bacon.

It ended with a lot more pecking than a normal English class.

Do you want to try it again? We could have Joy teach it Social Studies.

How about we throw a big rock at it instead?


It's a pretty small duck thing. It should be able to dodge the boulder.

Or... or it could be smashed into pieces.

You killed it!

We don't know that yet! Try poking it with a stick.

But it's in pieces! Nothing's supposed to be alive after getting blown up.

And then we heard a shrill quack.

I'm going to throw up now.

Sure, but after that go put that duck back together.

What do you mean?

That it's still alive. I think Whatthef wanted to get killed by that boulder.

You're telling me we have a useless, plastic, suicidal duck.


Well, let's help it along. Put it in the bottomless pit room.

Which one?

The big one.

Is it dead yet?

No, but it's faster now. Also, we got an errantry coupon.

I don't see why not. At least the duck'll be someone else's problem for a few weeks.

What in the name of Lord British is that supposed to be?

That is a ducken. You're taking it on a training mission.

I will expect a very large tip for this.

Tip this, you fruity mother-

Did you say something?

I said I'm deciding now.


Well, those are the courses I can send duck thing off on.

Which course should I pick, guys?