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Part 44: Duck vs. Desert

Part 44

Deserts don't count as nature [Sep 28th, 1010|7:19 pm]

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I didn't bother to double check, but I think that the majority decided I should send the duck off to die in the desert. I can live with that.

But can the monster do the same?

Hey, no cutting in on my blog!

Only when you get out of my office!

Now then, to business.

As you have undoubtedly forgotten, the first course pits your monster against Mandy's 'Tornado Alley'.

As much as I would like to say that your monster was swept away to some far off land, I can not.

No, it indeed survived. It didn't learn much, but it did survive.

The next course has your twisted homunculus of wood and duck flesh face off against our sleepy camel. Which, I might add, we had to replace after your last monster so brutally slaughtered the old one.

Watching a living thing break apart, only to put itself back together like living lego blocks, made me violently ill. Most normal breeders raise dinosaurs, or suezos. Why do you keep getting things like THAT?

Forgive my digression. Your monster tried a different approach to awaken our narcoleptic camel.

And that approach involved enlarging its head and quacking in the camel's ear.

I'm at a loss to think of any creature in this world that wouldn't run away from your monster.

What also leaves me at a loss for words, is how the activity managed to teach your monster a new skill.

The third course is sponsored by Regular Al's Discount Boulder Emporium. It's the place to go, when you need big rocks.

I'm not even going to comment on this. You, sir, and your monster disgust me in new and terrifying ways.

I can only hope a plague does away with the both of you.

But for me, there is still hope.

Hope comes in the form of a giant ant lion.

My, that was cathartic. Your monster failed the course.

Don't worry, Ducken. We'll get even with that guy some day. When he's least expecting it, we'll bomb his office.

Uh, Loongear?

And then? Then we'll bomb Colt. You and me, ducky. You're all I have left.

Oh. So you want me to send my monster off to his death?

You're getting a little too attached to Whatthef.

He's the only one who understands me.

I... can see that.

But there's still tournaments to win. Do you want to do E or D Cup?

Fine. I'll go ask my blog.