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Part 48: Super Duck Bros.

Part 48

My Ducken is the best Ducken [Dec 28th, 1011|11:08 pm]

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I've been spending my days playing with my Ducken and watching movies with my Ducken and drawing tasteful artistic pictures of my Ducken and sometimes even training my Ducken. Colt thinks I might be obsessed, but she can go right to hell.

On this day, Joy was teaching Ducken about the Renaissance.

The two once again got into a huge fight. This time on whether or not The Da Vinci Code was real.

I'm not really sure how that ended up making Ducken smarter, but it did.

At recess, I took Ducken out to spit rocks at Joy.

He's really good at it.

Just because you were pelted with rocks, that doesn't mean you can do your bad Ducken impression.

Whatthef is holding something.

And you know what? I am something for you too!

Oh, was he ever excited.

Well? ...Guys? Loongear? Where'd everybody go?

I signed Ducken up for yoga classes. It will help limber him up and provide him with peace of mind.

Though he was enthusiastic about the class, that kind of behavior was frowned upon. I had to pay the teacher extra to keep Ducken from getting kicked out.

The payoff was definitely worth it, though.

Come on, Ducken! Jump! You're a bird, sort of, you can do it!

Atta boy!

I am so proud of my Ducken.

But the next tournament's just around the corner.

So? What does that have to do with anything?

I thought that's what we were doing?

Our courses don't seem to make a difference. I think he needs a little more fighting experience. Against you.


Go on, fight the Ducken.

All right, she has a point. Okay, Ducken! Come at me. I won't hold back!


Oh god my eye. You almost ate my eye.


Great match!

Can I at least tend to my wounds first?

Oh just wipe the blood on your sleeve, you big baby.

You don't know how plants work, do you?

I know how plant monsters work.

...You know what, screw it, that's close enough.

Think we should try our luck again?

I don't know. I mean, if we do it this time and fail, then I might have to replace Ducken. And I don't want that. Well, I'll leave it up to everyone else since I don't have the capacity to make decisions on my own.

So, guys. E Cup, D Cup or yet more training? My Ducken's life is in your hands.