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Part 49: Duck E Cups

Part 49

I Believe! [Dec 31st, 1011|4:12 pm]

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Do you know what we did today? That's right, we watched Bob Newhart until I puked. And then we took Ducken to the official E Cup.

You're trying way too hard, man.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean it.

Can we go for ice cream after the show?

Uh. Sure. I'm- I'm going to go now.

You can do it, Ducken! Win this, and I'll give you that guy's ice cream!


The promise of ice cream lit a fire within my Ducken, causing him to beat the penguin thing to submission using only his pelvis.

Whatever works, I guess.

And now, it's time for screaming, bloody vengeance.

With a mighty QUACK, Ducken dropped its crotch on the suzeo.

The poor fool never stood a chance.

We're on a roll now! Don't stop until you're covered in the blood of your enemies, Ducken!

We will blow up the world. Oh, yes.

Puppy mill reject, you face the wrath of Ducken!

This has to be the one thing you would never expect to be the last thing you see before dying.

Much less because it dropped its explosive crotch on you.

Then, for extra insult, said explosive crotch reattaches and is thrust in your dead face in victory.

This is it, Ducken! The last match! You can do it! You can beat him!

Instead of blowing up the raptor, Ducken had something better in mind.

...And that's how we got a riding dinosaur for Ducken.

Behold, the face of a true winner. I love you, Ducken.

And it looks like everyone else does, too.

So, with that amazing victory out of the way, we just have to decide what to do next.