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Part 52: Duck in a Cave

Part 52

Ten Months in a Cave [May 6th, 1013|6:32 pm]

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Ducken and I have been training and planning for something big. Months we have spent focusing our skills to a sharpened point, which we will use to stab the eyes out of all who stand in our way.

The first step to this is, of course, to make Ducken able to peck rocks off a good 500 yards. Some day soon, I think he'll be able to nail that toucan.

After that, I took him to the Official D Cup. There wasn't much to talk about for it. The entire tournament had only these two things repeating:

1. Monsters exploding into tiny gooey pieces.

2. Monsters running away, to avoid exploding into tiny gooey pieces.

So we have that hurdle out of the way.

Next, I wanted to make Ducken's bill strong enough to smash solid steel

...That's, that's going to be a work in progress.

Then we had a healthy debate on the importance of The Prince in modern politics. It figures that the toucan reads Machiavelli. There's just something sinister about that bird.

After that warm-up, we went onto the main target of Ducken's training: Months of deep mediation within my secret cave.

Ducken and I pondered the deep mysteries of the universe, and how we could use them to win in fights.

Either Ducken figured it out, or he just really wanted some bread.

Either way, it was time for a snack break.

Which brings us to this point now. We have an errantry coupon, and a free month to fill.

I've been so wrapped up in my meditations, that I can't think of anything else. This means I can't decide what kind of course would be best to send Ducken off to.

So... Where should we send Ducken?