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Part 55: Fat Plastic Ducken

Part 55

Weight loss [Jun 24th, 1014|08:17 pm]

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[Current Music|Olivia Newton John - Physical]

You are fat, Ducken!

I know! I'm surprised as well! We will have to whip you into shape if we want to get out of this monster breeding gig before I die of old age. Gimme 50 laps!

Ducken!! You didn't even finish a single lap! Now I have to punish you. Go write "I am a fat ducken" on the chalkboard 100 times.

Whatthef got Joy to write it for him.

I am very, very disappointed in you, Ducken. We need to get you trimmed down. This is for your health! Do you want to die a fat ducken? No? Then go kick some rocks for soccer practice.

I think we're getting somewhere...

Oh. Oh god. I thought I burned all the calendars.

You did. I had to carve one out of wood.

You are a horrible monster.

If I had a gun, I'd be stroking it right now.

Now go eat your cake!

OH NO YOU DON'T! Fat Ducken does not get cake until he gets in shape.

But... I spent all week making that cake.

Tough noogies. It goes into the river.

Can't we just put it in the fridge?


Okay, Ducken. Try hitting all the boards and the toucan as fast as you can. If you can do it in under a minute, I'll give you a treat.

I am so happy, I could cry. Ducken is a lean, mean, killing machine. You earned that strip of seaweed, Ducken.

And just in time, too!

Only two tournaments left for us to conquer, Ducken. Soon, the world will know the wrath of Loongear and Ducken.

The what?

I- I said I think there's some cup jelly left in the fridge.


Now, then. To business. Do we send Ducken to the A or the S Cup?