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Part 57: A Brief Interlude to Ducking

Part 57

It begins here [Nov 17th, 1014|12:27 pm]

[Current Mood| hoarse]
[Current Music|Jock Jams Vol. 11]

Ducken and I have spent the last few months in a cave. Alone. Concentrating on nothing but meditation.

Ducken spent days on end standing still...

Focusing his every ounce of strength and will inward...

Only to fail. I feel I have only myself to blame for that. Clearly, I was not motivating him enough.

We tried again.

I spent the next week shouting at Ducken while he concentrated.

In a sudden burst, Ducken knew the secret to life.

At least, that's the impression I got. I could be wrong. I kind of got lightheaded from all the shouting.

Shut up, Colt! You're right! This could be Ducken's last shot at glory. We need to grab life by its oversized crotch and shoot for the moon!

So you're going to send him to the S Cup?

I'm... going to ask the internet first. I don't think Ducken's going to get much stronger, so it's do or die now. Do I let Ducken destroy the S Cup, or do we linger a bit longer?