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Part 7: El Sucko vs. The Huge Ant Lion

Part 07

El Sucko vs. Frank Herbert's Ghost [Mar 28th, 1000|2:12 pm]

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Thanks to the internet making my decisions for me, we sent El Sucko to Mandy once again.

The ghosts of Christmas past and his adorable sidekick. I thought I told you that I learned my lesson last year! Stop haunting my office!

Uh, we- we're actually trainers.

Oh. Yes, of course. Just a little joke on my part. Aha. Ha ha. Ha. Now what do you want, you miserable little prole?

We'd like to send our monster on an errantry, please. Sir. Please don't send me back to the orphanage.

Ah! Well then! Just fill out the usual forms, and we will see you again in one month.

After passing the first course once again, your monster managed to learn a new skill. I'll not go into the details of how he learned to fight by riding through a sandstorm, as that is simply far too complicated for you to comprehend. You only read this for the pretty numbers, anyway.

I shall also skip past the other two uneventful weeks, and proceed right to the Huge Ant Lion. This was where your monster failed last time, and became the laughing stock of our facilities.

He fought hard, swimming uphill through sand for days until the Ant Lion died from old age. Without the insect to stop his progression, "El Sucko" was able to finish this course.

It was at that instant, however, that one of the stray monsters on our wanted list emerged to challenge your beast.

"El Sucko" used this as an opportunity to try out the new skill he learned at the start of our session. With this attack, he raised the suezo over his head, and thrust it squarely into the ground.

The monster suffered many internal injuries, dying as a result.

There was only one of them. Do you need glasses, Colt?

Not until you answer my question.

Welcome back.

But we were just- OH DAMN IT!

I see you have brought a monster carcass back with you. Very good.

Alive, we could have made much use of that monster as a training event. Now, all we can do is use it as a food source. Such is life, I suppose.


Oh, you wanted it now?

Hand over the dough, grandpa.

Do you want to praise it?

Sure. El Sucko, you're not totally useless after all. Maybe I'll let you eat two meals this month. Now back to that skill he learned... What does the guide say about it?

It's nice that they included a graphic of a person's neck being broken. That helps illustrate the attack nicely. And now I am not getting within 20 feet of that ape.

So you'll let me train it?

Sure, why not? It's not like we're going to change training plans anytime soon.

Great! I'll start it on the shooting course.

The what?

Shooting course. It boosts its accuracy by making it throw rocks at targets. Pretty simple stuff, actually.

He did pretty well there.

But he missed the toucan.

What is with you and that bird?

Just look at that thing. It's evil. It's evil and it's planning something.

Uh, right.


Why don't you go have a nap, while I train up El Sucko some more?

I like naps.

You're becoming quite the little powerhouse, aren't you? Oh crap. I didn't even notice the date. Hey Loongear, wake up!

Oh god I had the worst dream. I dreamed I was being forced to raise monsters and had this obnoxious underage assistant and... God damn it.

Also? I hate you.

Official tournament, eh? Let me just, uh, think about it.

I know you have to ask the internet. You don't have to hide it.

I hate you too, Colt.

Right. Anyway, the official cups. As you can see, I can challenge D or C at this point. No idea if El Sucko can manage either one with his stats, so I'll leave the decision making to you, dear friends.

What do you guys think I should do?