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Part 8: El Sucko Sucks

Part 8

Failure [April 3rd, 1001|10:09 am]

[Current Mood| incomprehensible rage]
[Current Music|Colt singing. Again. Why.]

You guys said C Cup, so I sent it to C Cup. Let's take a look at well El Sucko did, shall we?

Why do they keep letting that guy in?

They don't. Look, he's being chased by security.

For a fat guy, he sure can run.

The first match was against a ghost in a top hat. Why couldn't I have one of those instead of this bloated sack of chlorophyll?

...I meant that in the nicest possible way, of course.

Next was... Um. Well, this is awkward. I struck up a conversation with the other plant-ape's trainer before the match started. He apparently wanted this monster, and intentionally bred it like that. I couldn't help but turn away in disgust.

Also, his stupid fucking monkey cold-cocked El Sucko. I'm beginning to understand why most monster trainers end up with a massive drug habit. The next monster was... actually, you know what? I'm just going to show you the end results. You can guess what happened in each match.

Truly, this is a monster worthy of the great plains of IMA and all that she surveys.

There he is! Get him!


Right. Anyway. What did we get from his single win?

He did so poorly, people are actively trying to forget his existence!

I wish I could do the same.

Oh, I'll praise it all right. I will praise it with rocks.


Come here, you little bastard!

Armed guards are going to beat me to death if you keep losing like that!

So stop sucking so much! Stop! Sucking!

Stop it, Loongear! Can't you see it's sorry?

One more rock.

But there's something more important to discuss.

You're quitting and taking that thing with you?

Nnnno... Actually, it's El Sucko's first birthday!

Please don't.

Too late!

I'm going to bed.

Fine. No cake for you, then.

Hold on. Who's Joy?

Our toucan.

You named it?!

She's been a big help to training. I like her.

At that point, I blacked out. When I came to, I was in bed, covered in feathers and frosting. I should probably go down to check up on everyone, but I felt the urge to post an update first. Also, I have no idea what to train up next for El Sucko. Any advice?