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by FredMSloniker

Part 2: The First Rule Is, No Stupid Movie Quotes

1Yr. 4Mo. 2Wk.

Fight Club it is. I just hope I'm not Cesare or something stupid like that.

Next on the checklist was meditation, to train Chucky's intelligence. I didn't exactly have high hopes...

...but the little guy really surprised me!

Just look how into it he's getting. It's important to reward results like that, so I did.

He's easy to please.

1Yr. 4Mo. 3Wk.

Cesare dropped by to let me know he's got his eye on me. Also, he brought some food for Chucky. I've been too busy trying to turn this deathtrap into something livable to get into town, so I'll take what I can get.

Next on Chucky's training list: shadowboxing!

Yuri says he's doing pretty good at it.

I'm inclined to agree.

1Yr. 4Mo. 4Wk.

Weird thing happened this morning; Rio stopped by, apparently to talk to... Chucky. That wasn't the really weird part, though. She was... smiling. Relaxed. Y'know, normal. Naturally, the instant she saw me, she was all

I thought maybe she had a problem with me, but Yuri says she's like that to everybody. Weird.

Oh, it's raining today, so sorry if the pictures aren't terribly bright. We put Chucky on high jump exercises, since he doesn't seem to have run out of energy yet.

Yuri said he did all right.

We must be using different metrics for 'all right'. I had to back waaay up to get him in frame.

Anyway, he was looking pretty hungry after a bit of that, so I took some time to feed him.

Mechanics corner: after you've done your monster training for the week, you have Free Time, during which you can perform a number of interactions with your monsters (currently one, as signified by the single green light next to the 'Free Time' wheel). We started the game only able to check the schedule, praise, or scold; Cesare's food delivery triggered the ability to give food or items to our monsters.

I don't know what they put in the potatoes around here. I'm not sure I want to know. Damn it, now I'm craving French fries.

Mechanics corner, part two: each action taken darkens one of the lights. Once all the lights are out, you can't take any more actions and have to advance to the weekend; you can do it sooner if you don't want to use all your actions, though. (We'll get more actions in a week as we trigger plot events and expand the ranch.)

On an unrelated note, any sprite artists care to try their hand at a Suezo version of the eng101 icon?

1Yr. 5Mo. 1Wk.

Had another Rio-related weirdness last night.

I heard her talking to somebody I couldn't see. And she was crying. I didn't want her to clam up like last time, and... well...

???: "Well, you know you're welcome to come any time you like. ...He sure seems like a nice boy. I sure wish I could meet him too."

Rio: "No! If you did that, you'd be in trouble! Just like... I am now..."

???: "I'm sorry... please don't cry, Rio. Don't worry! I won't do anything rash. Okay, Rio? ...Rio?"

Rio: "No, I'm sorry... I've got to go."

Maybe Cesare isn't the one I should be worrying about...