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Part 8: Two New Mouths to Feed

1Yr. 8Mo. 3Wk.

Well, I'm back from the shrine with two new mouths to feed!

Natsu is a Salamander, a Zuum with Dragon blood. He's a good all-rounder with a slight focus on Power. I'm a bit worried about his lack of close-in options, though.

Uh, I guess I made a typo on the naming paperwork. iScream is a Ducken with Golem, er, blood. His moves are crazy accurate but not very powerful, and he has to get in close to do any real damage. I suspect he's one of those monsters you have to raise carefully to unleash his true potential. We'll see how it goes.

They seem to get on with Chucky, at least. For now, I'm putting them on the same 'try a little of everything and see what sticks' routine I started Chucky on, while he continues on the plan we've been working on.

Despite the bad weather, training went well. Natsu was doing a little dance, but he stopped when I brought out my camera. The light isn't very good anyway; I'll try again later.

iScream was... doing sit-ups. Somehow. It's almost mesmerizing.

1Yr. 8Mo. 4Wk.

Rio woke me up early this morning, in a panic about something or other. She'd calmed down by the time I remembered what to do with pants, though. (I'm not a morning person.)

Apparently she'd found some mystery cave that was calling her with spoooooooooooooooky power. I figured it wasn't a good idea to go down there without a bit of backup, though.

And this freak agreed, which almost changed my mind. He called himself Mr. K., an obvious alias, and offered to take us exploring the cave this weekend.

Mental note: make sure our monsters are ready to kill.

Bad Chucky! No biscuit!

iScream seemed to have the right idea, though.

And since the light was better, I was able to get a good shot of Natsu doing his meditation thing.

Which brings us to the weekend. Wish me luck not falling prey to a creepy child molester!