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Part 10: iScream Is Weird, Rio Is Eerie

1Yr. 9Mo. 1Wk.

So we got back from exploring the caves, and Mister Manly was there. I was hoping I could buy some more training gadgets, but instead he got all excited about the tablet we found, wanted to build the thing on the back. I lent it to him; I'm crossing my fingers I'll get a free gadget out of the deal.

Chucky was looking worn out, so I gave him the week off. Natsu and iScream kept at it, though.

I don't think I'm ever going to get used to iScream.

He's got this weird traffic accident quality.

1Yr. 9Mo. 2Wk.

Natsu and iScream got the week off this time, while Chucky got back into it.

I don't think Natsu likes mangoes.

iScream, on the other hand, acted like I'd given him the nectar of the gods. At least he's easy to please.

You guys seem to favor me going into the caves every other week, and I'm game to try that, at least until it gets really boring. Lemme give you the highlights:

Oh, and iScream continues to be unsettling.

I was starting to think about heading back when we found this funky shrine thing. Rio started acting like she was acting voices, and then she picked up this stone chip that was on the altar.

Then she screamed... but she wouldn't tell me why. That stone's got some bad juju, I tell you that right now...