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Part 12: Welcome to Rank D!

1Yr. 10Mo. 1Wk.

Good news, everyone! Cynthia stopped by the ranch today and gave me a Rank D breeder card! She also confirmed that the Geonyte was flowing again, so official tournaments are back on. You're welcome, by the way.

Oh, and something I didn't know: apparently my breeder rank determines what tournaments I can enter in this league. So I guess it's for the best I've been training Chucky up, huh? Hopefully it won't be too much longer after he hits Class C that I do.

Pollock stopped by, returning my tablet; unfortunately, he wouldn't sell me the gadget he made from it for free. Annoying, that. Still, I took the opportunity to stock up on the gadgets I don't already have. I don't have room to put all of them in place, though, so I left the Life Blade in storage for now; I'll swap stuff around if I decide to train anybody in Life.

Here's the new layout. I'll get shots of the monsters using the gadgets when I can.

Note that we now have four little Free Time dots. We earned another one by advancing the plot this far. What's it good for? Well, maybe you want to praise a monster and give it an item. Or give it a couple items. You can spend these actions however you want, even all on the same monster if you want.

1Yr. 10Mo. 2Wk.

I haven't shown you a ton of pictures of Natsu working out, mainly because they haven't been all that interesting. I have to admit, though, I couldn't balance like that. It's pretty impressive.

And iScream wasn't doing anything weird. Well, relatively speaking.

Adventure time was kind of dull, but I did get some stuff done:
I think I'm going to cut back on adventuring; frankly, I think my monsters have gained the benefits they need, and I want to start working on getting their stats up and developing bonds. Bullishness caused both Natsu and iScream to get KOed on that adventure.

1Yr. 10Mo. 3Wk.

Not much to report this week; Natsu and iScream slept off their injuries, while Chucky went through his usual routine. I made sure they were fed and watered, then headed into town to sell my gains.

However, I've hit an important crossroads. Natsu and iScream have finished their training evaluations. I definitely want to have Natsu work on Power and Accuracy, and given the Hard Scale trait, I think I'll want to put in some effort on Defense and Life. As for iScream, I think I'm going to want him working on Accuracy, Defense, and a bit each of Power and Intelligence (because he has techniques based on both). However, I'm open to suggestions from you guys (for instance, if you approve of my Blocken plan, you might suggest POW/INT/ACCx2/DEFx2).

Furthermore, it's time to start thinking about tournaments again. Chucky's gonna work on his Class D certification, but there are only five Class E tournaments between now and the official match... and I could only enter one of my monsters anyway. I'm going to have Natsu and iScream do two each, but when we reach the last one, if they've both performed well, I may have to decide which one of them is most worthy...