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Part 13: Time Flies, Natsu

2Yr. 1Mo. 3Wk.

Damn, it's been a while, hasn't it? Time flies when the weird shit that seems to surround your ranch like a cloak of creepy vanishes as quickly as it came.

Let me get you up to speed. Based on your feedback, I decided to put Natsu on the plan of POWx2/ACCx2/DEF/LIF I originally came up with. Nobody seemed to know quite what to do with iScream, though, except that they agreed to focus on Defense, not Speed. So he's been on a POW/INT/ACC/DEFx2/LIF plan. Chucky's been on the same plan as before. Here are the results...

By the way, some of you may have been wondering how a wooden tub can improve a monster's defense. Well, most monsters pick it up, throw it into the air, and let it hit them, thus toughening their bodies.

Most monsters.

In something of a surprise to me, you also more or less agreed you wanted Natsu to have his shot at fame first. Well, I wouldn't have asked you if I had strong feelings either way, so I entered Natsu into all the tournaments I could. Chucky had his tournaments too, which he handily blew through...

...with only a few speed bumps, like this Ducken that got back up three times.

There was adventure time as well, though only one trip; I think my team's learned about all they can from these caves. The highlights:

I have the strangest feeling, like maybe Chucky is going through his most important stage now.

Anyway, I'm off to Natsu's big day; wish us luck!

2Yr. 1Mo. 4Wk.

Well, that ended on a bit of a low note--my own fault, as I was trying to get Natsu to show off everything he could do rather than focusing on winning. No matter, we got the win anyway. Hooray for Natsu!

And it's Chucky's turn to step up. Hope to see you there!