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Part 21: It's Gourdon! And Some Other Guys

2Yr. 7Mo. 2Wk.

I'm just going to admit it up front: today's update is brought to you by Gourdon. Who is awesome.

We've been pretty busy these last few months, too busy to adventure more than once. Titan grew to level 3 and learned the King's Fist trait and the Back Fist skill; Gourdon also grew to level 3 and learned the Hard Shell trait and the MagicHand skill. Gourdon now has coverage at all ranges, but all of Titan's moves are in close.

Natsu and iScream are both apparently fully mature. Whatever that means for a dinosaur and a stone duck.

Daaaaw, he's adorable!

Lookit him do his widdle dance!

Uh... good... giant... bug thing? Pleasedon'thurtme.

So I took Natsu to a tournament, and... good lord. Who in their right minds would think that was a favorable genetic combination? It's just ridi

Awww, lookit! He's spinning!

iScream's been working his peculiar mojo in the fight circuit too. This, however, was unexpected. And slightly awkward. (He still won.)

Pollock dropped by to appraise a few stone tablets I'd found. This one contained plans for a Wind Drum, which improves training results but also increases fatigue. It took a little doing, but I managed to get all of our training gadgets in range of its

Sproing! Sproing! Sproing!

Ahem. Unfortunately, I had to punish him for not doing well enough at his training.

Aww, don't be like that. I still love you!

Chucky continues to destroy all opposition.

And Natsu continues to face ludicrous opponents. What the hell is that thing?

Oh, the schedule synchronization wasn't working out. Somebody'd be tired from a competition or adventuring or something, and I'd wind up having to make everybody rest to keep the schedules synchronized. They'll get more work done if I take the time to jigger things around as needed. (I'm leaving Titan and Gourdon off of gadgets for now, though.)

It just occurred to me that this is the first time we've actually used the Life Blade. Here's a shot of it in action.

I may be biased, but when Titan does something cool, you'll get to see it. It's rather impressive how well he balances, actu

Ahem. Well, Chucky and iScream are ready to enter their respective official competitions; Chucky this week, iScream next. I'll be sure to capture the action and share it with you!

While I'm away, I'd like you to put some thought into training regimens. Titan's strengths, to put it gently, are not in IQ; I'd recommend a POWx2/ACCx2/DEFx2 regimen, though he should also gain Speed well and Life acceptably. Gourdon, on the other hand, will largely be a mental attacker once he gets better skills; I'd use a INTx2/ACCx2/DEFx2 regimen for him. (His Speed and Life gains aren't very good.) That said, I will of course take on board whatever input you have to