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Part 22: You Win Some, You Lose Some

2Yr. 7Mo. 4Wk.

So. It turns out Chucky has hit a wall, and the wall hit back. I suppose it was inevitable that focusing primarily on offense wouldn't be a winning strategy forever; I've adjusted my training regimen to add some more defensive might.

For those of you who care about the details; here's what I'm doing, 8-week-plan-wise:
It took some jiggering, but I think I have a pretty solid schedule, at least for now.

iScream succeeded in his bid, though, and is now Rank D. Yaaay

My tourney plan for the next three months is to have Chucky try again and Natsu take the Rank D test; iScream can wait to get out of Rank D, and both Titan and Gourdon are too young to be thinking about that sort of thing. (Besides, they're going to be adventuring to get lots of skills.)

Sorry I don't have a lot to tell you this time, but I don't expect anything super-exciting to happen in the next few months, and I figured you didn't want to wait. If something does happen, I'll keep you informed!