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Part 23: Dodongo Dislike Dismemberment

2Yr. 10Mo. 2Wk.

As expected, things have been quiet on the ranch of late; been busy training my monsters to go out there and kill. While Chucky, Natsu, and iScream have been focusing on training gadgets, Titan and Gourdon have been adventuring, with Chucky to lead them.

They picked up some levels along the way, naturally. Titan grew to level 8 and gained Strong Horn, Charge (a powerful mid-range attack), Beabrate (an INT-based ranged guts-drainer), and UpperCharge (a short-range astonishingly powerful attack). Attack strategy: get in close, tear shit up. He also gained Flight Ride, which lets me ride him over obstacles like the thorny vines we saw in the jungle.

Uh. It looks a bit more impressive in person. (Probably shouldn't have cropped out the ground.)

Gourdon also grew to level 8, picking up King's Fist, Cracker (a long-range attack that addles opponents), Pitching (a long-range powerful but inaccurate attack), and Charge (a mid-range powerful but costly attack). He's got decent range coverage now, but I'm still hoping to pick up a few good moves for him.

Pollock stopped by first week of August and identified a silver tablet I found as blueprints for an Aroma Pot. It helps reduce everyone's stress, and it works anywhere, so I put it right near the house.

Before I knew it, it was time for Natsu to make the final push toward rank C. He needed one more Star Point to qualify, which he obtained handily.

But first, Chucky had some unfinished business to deal with. The last time he and Dodongo met, he ran out of steam punching that brick wall, and then the wall punched back. I've been preparing him to be better equipped to take a hit...

...but I haven't been neglecting his attack power either, and this time he carried through.

At this point, I think you have to be living in a cave to not have heard of Chucky.

We all had tasty cake to celebrate! Aaaaand plot complication in three, two, one...

Right on time. Karnab dropped by the ranch to say congratulations on your victory, you're very good at this sort of thing, oh and by the way...

...would you mind going to find out what happened to some people we sent into certain death? Thanks muchly!

Ah well. I still have some time before Natsu's match. I'm pretty sure I can get another breeder rank out of the deal. And I have been wanting to visit the jungle again, put the turbo on Titan and Gourdon's training. Don't be terribly surprised if this winds up being my last post, though...