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Part 27: Rio... Puuuuuuunch!

3Yr. 5Mo. 3Wk.

Check it out, we got another bonus Free Time dot!

Every time I think I've seen the biggest city ever, I see a bigger one. Torble's a noisy, smoggy place...

...just the sort of place an egghead like Wit would hang out.

Of course, he couldn't keep his mouth shut about certain things I haven't discussed with Rio.

Fortunately I managed to deflect her question, and we went to get a bite to eat.

Where we were met by this rather cheery girl.

Seriously, did I wind up in a dating sim or something? The number of ladies of varying eligibility who've made goo-goo eyes in my direction at some point is worrying. (I forgot to mention, Yuri back in Togle? She's started blushing every time she sees me.)

This is actually a mechanic; if you perform certain actions, generally repeatedly visiting a specific location, your relationship with the shopkeep will improve, and with it their selection. In Yuri's case, I had to repeatedly visit the harbor until I saw her buying fish, then repeatedly visit her for conversations. I didn't show it 'on-camera' because it happened during the hospital period and subsequent training montage.

Thankfully, they don't get all "Japan" about it; an improved selection and a different shopkeep portrait is all you get.

Over lunch, it occurred to me that Wit might know something about this whole hooks-for-hands business, so we stopped by the university and looked him up.

He didn't know anything about it, but he admitted that if anyone were doing it, Torble would be the place.

I mentioned I was headed to the IMa offices next, and he offered to smooth my way; apparently he has some pull. He said he'd send his assistant...

The identity of his assistant was... a bit of a surprise.

I think I handled it well, though.

She was affecting some upper-class accent, but her real one kept slipping through. All in all? Weird.

Oh, and there was some old guy. Almost certainly of no importance.

3Yr. 5Mo. 4Wk.

The price of accepting Wit's assistance was having to wait a week for him to get things in order, so I headed there again last weekend.

For a moment, I thought I'd run into another cockblocker, but no, she let me sign up just like that. I guess FIMBA types just have a pansy reputation in these parts.

Also, apparently they've had a problem with monsters protesting about being fed to ant lions and dropped down cliffs or some shit. Who would train a monster like that?

Naturally, if you're talking about douchey training methods, Dill (sorry, Diehl) has to show his pretentious face.

My father is so awesome,

my monsters are so awesome,

I don't have time for losers, blah blah blah. I've heard it all before. It was kind of funny when he started turning red and ranting. You want to know what the really funny part was, though?

Yes. Yes she did. And you know what?

It was glorious.

Spot the technical difficulty I experienced and win a No-Prize!