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Part 31: Chucky Gets Long in the Tooth

4Yr. 1Mo. 3Wk.

Wow, where has the time gone? Been a while since my last update on Casa del Fight Club, huh? Well, as it turns out, there aren't a ton of tournaments open to me at Rank B, and Chucky's been fighting in his weight class for the first time in quite a while, so it took longer than expected for me to qualify for the official battle.

I mean, just look how much our monsters have grown!

We did get to try out something cool: a tag battle in Torble. It was fun, if a little shorter than I'd hoped; our first opponents bowed out, so we only had one fight.

I gotta say, first prize? A little odd.

I took Titan and Gourdon back to the jungle, now that there are no psychotic Gaboos running around, and picked up a few new tricks. Titan learned Magic Lore (which decreases accuracy and guts damage, but greatly increases criticals) and Spin Bang (a mid-range, very powerful and accurate attack). Gourdon, for his part, learned Water Lore (increases accuracy and greatly increases criticals, but lowers life damage and guts damage) and Gun (a mid-range, all-around average attack).


iScream won the official Grade C match, joining Chucky and Natsu in Grade B...

...and Titan moved up to Grade C in his place.

Gunwale stopped by to be weird again.

And to give us some free shrimp, for which I will forgive a certain amount of weirdness.

Speaking of weird, Chucky's opponents just keep getting weirder.

We went on another jungle expedition. Chucky replaced Hi Counter with Hi Technic, which improves his accuracy, and learned Cyclone, a short-ranged guts drainer that is, unfortunately, INT-based. Titan replaced Machismo with Lucky Star; Gourdon picked up Earth Lore, which reduces an attack's life damage by a huge amount, but raises its guts damage accordingly.

Titan met a bug even bigger than he is, one that wouldn't let him clear out to use his BeaAttack.

Fortunately, he knows how to fight in close too.

Then we entered a competition format I hadn't tried before: three on three. The number one slot fights the other team's number one slot, and so on down the line, majority wins.

We won, of course, but Chucky struggled a lot more with his opponent than Natsu or iScream. I started to get worried.

The official fight's this weekend, and I'm pretty confident he can take them, but... he's starting to get old. He's had a good long run, but it may be time to start thinking about who'll be going to the top in his place...