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Part 36: Final Boss Lair, Detected

4Yr. 9Mo. 4Wk.

It wasn't hard to find Nazzeni; we didn't have to go very far into the jungle. I wasn't really prepared for what I'd find, though.


He (god I hope that's a man) was only too happy to admit to the whole thing, like any mad scientist.

And just like any mad scientist, he was completely batshit loco. He even claimed responsibility for that psychotic Gaboo we had to put down.

Naturally, the Frankenstein had a monster to sic on us.

A Zan. One of the most frightening monsters in existence. Rio's vision featured them prominently as members of the Dark Army.

Chucky leapt into the fray, but the Zan was able to sidestep his first attack.

He leapt again, though, before it had quite caught its balance, smashing it into the jungle floor.

It sprung right back to its feet, wounded but far from down. I knew we'd have to hit it hard and keep hitting it if we wanted to win this battle.

Chucky obliged, tearing at its chest with flaming paws. It staggered, body seared by the flames, but didn't quite go down... and Chucky was gasping for breath, the assault having taken a lot out of him.

But Chucky didn't come alone.

Gourdon began blazing away with his squirt pistol, the normally harmless water bullets cloaked in a sheath of wind power. The Zan blocked the first few shots...

...but it couldn't block them all.

I think Nazzeni took it well. But then came the shocker:

He'd found his version of the dark tome on an expedition in the jungle. He'd never even met Wit.

Crushed by the defeat of his 'beloved' monster, he let us take him into custody without a struggle. He did have one request, though.

I don't know if that's something I ever want to do, but... Zan aren't inherently evil, any more than any monster. It's how the trainer raises them that matters. Could I raise one that's strong without being cruel?

Diehl was waiting at the ranch when we got back with news that made the situation even worse, if you can believe it. You remember me talking about the trouble on Torble with stray monsters, right?

Oh, but it gets better. Apparently the monsters are operating out of Kawrea volcano. And guess what Diehl saw?

So, to summarize: Wit's holed up in a (hopefully) inactive volcano, apparently in charge of an army of monsters, with a tome he could potentially use to resurrect the Dark Lord. And right now, Rio and I are the only ones who've put all the pieces together.

I keep counting Chucky out, and he refuses to go down. He's handled everything I've thrown at him this far. How can I say no to what will likely be his greatest battle ever?