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Part 38: Chucky Has Gone Bye-Bye. What Have You Got Left?

4Yr. 10Mo. 2Wk.

...but Chucky didn't come alone.

Xevion roared a challenge, then lashed out with two scorpion-like tails, each equipped with a massive, deadly blade.

Through the cloud of dust, I could just make out Natsu, having barely avoided the attack.

Unintimidated by the size of his opponent, he leapt forward and lashed out with tail and claw.

Xevion hardly seemed to feel it...

...and Natsu's followup attack simply bounced off the thing's carapace.

Then it was iScream's turn to hurl himself into the fray--literally, his body parts ploinking off the dark lord's body.

It was almost comical, watching him do his drinking-bird routine, pecking away Xevion's strength bit by bit.

Unfortunately, those bits weren't adding up as fast as I'd have liked...

...and with a roar of rage...

...Xevion unleashed deadly eye lasers, scattering iScream's components and knocking Natsu down.

As iScream reassembled himself, Xevion seemed to freak out, thrashing around spasmodically, before drawing in a great breath of light...

...and blasting the Blocken with unholy fire. This time, he didn't get back up.

That just left Natsu. Wounded and exhausted, he faced off against Xevion. One good hit would finish it, but would he have the time to gain the strength he would need?

The blades came down again, stabbing at his flesh, and for a moment, I feared the worst.

But Natsu survived. Badly wounded, but still alive, he rose to his feet... and the dark lord... gasped for breath. It would come down to who could recover their strength first.

With one leap and strike of his tail, Natsu ended the battle.

...or so I thought.

Yes, I know Xevion's name is spelled 'Zevion' here. Translation issue, apparently. Also, the laser attack hit Natsu too, but that wasn't reflected in his health bar until he leapt into the fray.