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Monster Rancher 4

by FredMSloniker

Part 40: Generation Two

4Yr. 10Mo. 2Wk.

Well, folks, the trouble with saving the world is, it doesn't pay the bills. Ranching proceeds apace at Casa del Fight Club, though there've been a few changes of late. Chucky's fought valiantly against incredible foes and impossible odds, but he didn't have much longer on this earth. It was time to do what every rancher does with his monsters sooner or later.

It was time to combine.

Chucky stepped into the freezing chamber without fear, just as he's done everything else. One by one, the rest of my monsters followed.

To Chucky, I gave the gift of Raiden's blood. The feather I retrieved long ago made it possible.

The combining machine sprang to life, pulling Chucky apart...

...and bringing him into a new life as an Aguila. He wouldn't be the only one to be transformed.

Natsu's blood burns with the power of the Dragon.

It's time to unleash that power.

Next was to be Titan, who would receive the strength of the Henger. But something didn't quite go according to plan in the fusion process.

Sometimes, accidents are happy ones. Meet the Tanklon 2.

With three such powerful monsters, it would be easy to forget the importance of heart in a team--if only to keep them from ripping your head off. A Zan would seem an odd choice to provide that heart.

Which is why iScream was a critical element in this fusion. As a Kagura, he will truly be the hero he always could be.

And Gourdon? Oh, I had something special for him. Sometimes, you find a Saucer Stone that produces something... different. A Plant with a mushroom instead of a flower. An Antlan dressed like a sentai hero. A Jell made of liquid metal.

Or, in Gourdon's case...

...a Pancho in a strange, festive dance ball. Say hello to the Blixy Klingy.

Gentlemen, I give you: Fight Club, Generation 2. Wait 'til they get a load of us.