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Monster Rancher DS

by Mr. Swoon

Part 1: Episode 1: The Dickening

All right, let's whip this pony.

May I please have your name?

Now, please name your ranch.

There are very specific reasons why I chose those names. I'll explain it more when it happens.

That's nice. I will instantly forget this information.

Blah blah blah La Bomba is a big fancy monster fighting place and you're a brand new breeder- WHAT WAS THAT NOISE!?

And in barges this frightened little lost anime girl. What's your name little anime? Do you need a giant robot to take you home?

That's just super. I'm sure you have a rich backstory for me to ignore.

And then for no good reason in comes Elektra, the owner of La Bomba.

Please stop that. It's unsettling.

Elektra blabs on, basically saying Cleo has to be my assistant. Because 1. She's a huge bitch and 2. She's the President.

Nope. In fact...

I regret not drowning myself in the bathtub this morning. Anyway, Goatbone...

This "Magic Field" lets you "draw" things, which will then turn into "monsters". So start drawing.

And so here we are! The first of 3 ways you can make monsters in this game. For this, you draw whatever you want on the pad on the bottom screen, and then it will generate a monster. I'll get into the specifics of the mechanics behind this later.

For now, we just have to make a drawing. Here's where you come in! Using the template below, draw whatever your heart desires. You can only use black, and there's only one size. The width is about 1 square. Don't want to draw? Feel free to vote on a drawing you like best. I'll pick whatever image I prefer, or has the most popular demand.

So break out your MS Paint folks, and get to it!