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Part 4: Episode 4: Top Dong

Official concept art 001: Mew

All right, fine. Let's get this Rookie Cup bullshit over with.

Tournaments have a nice addition this time around. Anything "official", like ranked matches, are elimination-style. The usual gang fights are still there, but this can save so much time when you're overpowered.

Stats-wise, our little Panda isn't doing too badly compared to the fish-doggy.

There isn't really much to show at this point, since Diabetes only knows how to headbutt.

Headbutt he did, and then we win after the time runs out.

And the grand finale of this brief stint is a purebred kitty with some bullshit stats.


It's me... Errick. You remember me, right?

If I win the next battle, how about going out with me on a derr... On a derrt... Just bit my tongue again.

Kitty, you're going to end up a bib for the filthy rapist up there.

Imagine this non-stop, forever.

We win! I have the little panda that could.

Diabetes wins a bamboo trophy. I get a some cash and a shitty consumable item.

God damn it, why won't you die?

And I'll show you at the Official Grade E Cup! Don't forget to come, okay? I'll show you how good I really am! Promise!


I need to hire some security guards, or something.

Wiping the grease of combat from our collective mouths, we can now see how Diabetes has fared in combat. Kinda. He couldn't make a decisive win on speed and skill alone. If you want to change his training program, now is the time to do it.