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Part 9: Episode 9: Enl@rge Yo_ur Stab1e 2day!

Hey look at that. I managed to rake up enough cash to coast on raising my monster. I'll be on easy street for a while.

Oh god damn it. How much?

But... But my money...

Oh god my money. I feel dead inside.

Let's just get back to training Diabetes...


Hey Cleo, what's black and white and red all over?

I give up, what?

Diabetes in a minute. Battle will make an honest bear out of him.

...That woman is seriously creepy.

I think my panda may be slightly overpowered. Just slightly.

And our opponent is some kind aztec clown moogle clam thing. I'm not sure what to make of it.

I have a cuddly little ball of DEATH.

And up next is some kind of twisted poodle/golem. Soon to be on Jersey Shore.

And Diabetes was crushed by the poodolem's massive collapsing chest. Game Over.

Or, we won the tournament and got a permanent stat-booting item as a prize. Either way works.

How many more assholes are going to vibrate on my ranch?

I've got some news for you.

News? Let's hear it!

As you know, Minta's Market is still rather small...

(That is, I would know if I ever went there)

But I've decided to do my best to expand, to make it the biggest market in town!

It's the only market in town...

Shut your mouth and let me finish!


Anyway, this means we'll have a much larger inventory of products! And I wanna start off each year with a lot of brand new items, so come on by!

Are you finished?

Yes. You may speak now.

Wow, that's pretty ambitious Minta! We'll make sure to stop by on New Year's.

Wonderful! See you there!

So to recap: Each year from here on out, the item shop gets better items. That'll be useful later on, but I'm penny pinching for now. Got it? Good.

Now we should probably plan our next training segment. Any other stats we want to focus on? Should we try our luck on the next rank match?