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Part 12: Episode 12: The Panda's Climax All Over the Crowd

We are off to battle!

I'd go through all the fights, but it can be summed up like this:

Otacon has some kind of flower wizard thing. I don't know what half the creatures in this game look like.

And with a single headbutt, we scored a Hyper KO.

And our prizes. Diabetes has served me well.

...Is that a naked picture of Santa Claus?

I don't read the mail, I just deliver it.

Sorry to interrupt, creepy guys, but this is important! It's Diabetes' birthday! I'll sing yet another song!

Rhyming "you" with "you" is not an accomplishment. I hope you get trapped in an old refrigerator, Colt.

Oh what now?! Can't you just leave me in peace?

Maybe we should take him to the lab and have him frozen.

Eh, why not. It's better than grabbing the shotgun and going all Old Yeller on him. To the lab!

Seriously? Pharma? We're going with Pharma? The lab tech is named Pharma.

Long story short: Like past games, you can freeze your monsters and put them into, uh, "hyper sleep". You can later combine 2 frozen monsters to make a new one with some of the power of its fusion parents. So let's freeze our panda.

Wait, something's not right. He's asleep, sure, but not hyper sleep...

Much better. Now we just need a new critter.

Just like last time, I need you suckers to make drawing for monsterization. The brush size should be about the width of one square in the template. You can use thinner, but I probably won't be able to make use of it. And you can always just vote for the picture you like best.

So whip out your drawing apparatus and get to sketching! Remember to make it from the heart.