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Part 14: Episode 14: Shoot Your Load in the Jungle

I guess we're out to make the smartest plant around.

Hootie, being a professor, teaches monsters in his spare time.

A nice bonus now is that when you gain a rank, you keep its bonuses. This includes training sessions and errantries. So with that, let's get Marvin meditating.

We spent so much time in deep thought that I unlocked the final 2 training routines:

Buuut we're not going to use them just yet. Instead, we're--


I wish this were some kind of fantasy where I could be magically transported to the world of Monster Rancher, just so I could kill you.

Let's get far far away from Colt.

While I go off to training, let's bring up wanted monsters. Every so often, there'll be a bounty for a specific monster that'll be hanging around a random training course. Beat them during your training, and you'll get some cash. Here's the one that popped up this month:


Boreh fell head over heels for Pixie, and continues to wait for her. But while waiting he has blocked the road for passersby who have called for his capture. Many have witnessed him lingering on the main road.

And for that, LA BOMBA have called for his death. That's pretty harsh, but I'm the executioner, not the judge.

And here we are in the woods. See those red devil blocks? Land on one of those, and you'll enter a MONSTER BATTLE. This is where you have a chance of hitting a wanted monster.

The monster battles in errantries are unique, but still fairly straightforward. Your monster sits in an isometric shooter, killing random mobs of eyes. If you get hit, you die. You have 3 lives to make it to the end.

At the end is the boss monster. They'll move back and forth, spraying the odd bullet patterns. It's pretty easy to beat-- bullet hell this isn't.

Once you beat the boss, you gain some stats as if you landed on a stat square. Kind of a lot of effort, but it's better than losing a roll.

Plus I gained a new attack! Marvin is on his way to blowing up the Earth.

And now comes a more long-term decision: This is where the battle difficulty starts to go from "easy" to "sodomize you with a broken pool cue". With that, we can go two ways with Marvin. I can train him up to win some more ranks, or I can use him on a ton of unranked matches, and build up a huge wad of cash for the next monster.

So will we farm or will we conquer?