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Part 16: Episode 16: Can You Withstand My Manly Musk?

Let's go fuck up the B Rank tournament.

One dull train of battles later, we run into our final opponent.


Unsurprisingly, the monster's trainer is that goth chick from earlier. Luckily, I have a plan. Demons come from Hell, and Hell is hot. What fights heat?

Solid blocks of ice.

With luck once again on my side, Lucifer is conquered.


Also now you can go on errantries in the Ruins.


Jesus! Do you ever go home?

Music - Monster Rancher DS OST - Colt's Birthday Song

Are we done yet? Please?

God. Damn. It.

Grrr... I thought I told you to stay away from here!

Calm down, Cleopatra dear.

And I told you not to call me that!

We've come to root out the source of a great evil.

Swoonnote: ...No, he doesn't mean me. I think.

Geez, you're not even listening.

We've finally cornered that wily Electra and her schemes! Those charges of bribery against me, her election to the presidency 5 years ago, and your mother running away from home! They were all part of Electra's plan!

Something tells me Mom running away had nothing to do with Electra...

We're going to destroy her! Farewell, Cleopatra!

Wait! Don't cause any trouble, okay?

You can't stop me, my dear. I appreciate your filial concern... But my will is rock solid on this! More solid than a Golem!

Who said anything about stopping you!? I just said--oh forget it...

Things haven't been easy for Mr. Amino, my lady. Since he lost the presidency, he's been struggling to put food on the table. And then with you running away because of that--

No no no! Leave me out of this! Getting revenge won't make things any easier.

The Star Rock makes one wish come true, right? If he could only be president again, then maybe...!

The "Star Rock," you say? A return to the presidency? Hmph! That's nothing but an old fairytale!

The Star Rock really exists. A girl from Barba University told me all about it.

Swoonnote: This girl

And she was super smart! Just wait for me to find out where it is!

And then he runs away. I think this explains why he keeps hanging around, and why Cleo latched onto me as an assistant. They were poor, he's a hobo, and Cleo was looking for a place to live. I'm surrounded by freeloaders and owls.

...And then this happened.