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by Mr. Swoon

Part 17: Episode 17: Tap Dat With Your Stick

Today, we're going to discuss Errantries. For a thousand bucks, you can take your monster on an exploring trip not unlike the ones Santa Claus dragged you through in ranchers past. You select the areas just like you would for Drills.

Here, we've taken Marvin for a trip to the beach.

You move the monster around the map by tapping on the location you want them to go...

...and watching your monster run in the complete opposite direction. There's a time limit of sorts for these trips. Your monster's life meter in the top screen will gradually go down as he runs around aimlessly despite your tappings. If he runs out of life before you return to the home marker, you lose. This has at one time frustrated me to the point where I have gnawed on my DS. You can still see the teeth marks.

In addition to brain aneurysms, the game rewards you with these crystal icons. You can get items, battles, or special events depending on which one your monster runs into.

In this case, Marvin found a gold nugget in a red crystal, and I get much much richer. Moving on to the very edge of the beach, Colt Holly CLEO interrupts us.

The other day Errick asked me to the beach, 'cause it's summer and all...

Blame Charkie for his interpretation of Errick's swimsuit:

Of course I said no. But when Errick went by himself... A Beaclon challenged him to a power match right on the shore. Errick lost, but I'm not sure if it's because he's so weak, or if the Beaclon is so strong.

It's hard to say. I mean... it's Errick, so...

We (My monster) are going to arm wrestle the Beaclon.

For our victory, we have unlocked the Beaclon class. I can fuse it and summon it, same as I could dragons back when I won that match.

Next stop: The mountains!

Going to this corner shows us this spooky ghost knight.

At the very top of the map, we get a sword.

Near the center, in an L-shaped crack, we find the sword's sheath.

Let's take these back to that ghost knight.

Sir Spookington is so pleased that I found his shit, he gives me a badass sword.

Don't tempt me, Cleo. Anyway, this sword unlocked Durahans for raising. NEXT!

In these old spooky woods, go all the way to the end of the path. To the spooky abandoned shack.

Oh, did I mention that Cleo is also a part-time camp counselor/babysitter?

Oh shit I probably shouldn't have said anything. THROWDOWN!

One whupping later...

Jokers are unlocked. Go me. Let's go back to the ranch.

If you visit this tree in September, we meet a new friend.

Cleo decides to start smacking the object she found like a moron.

Man, I hate it when your garden gets infested with robots. They're always so hard to root out.

Upon breaking this robot, we unlock the Hengar breed. Somehow, I can breed robots. Let's not try to examine that too deeply.

Our final stop on this world tour is the jungle.

To meet our objective here, I have to take Marvin on some Family Circus shit all over the map to the numbered locations. In order. I think I'd have more fun trudging through a real swamp.

At each spot, Cleo flips out over some noises or something. Later we take a break and I have to listen to her prattle on.

Uh huh.

I went to the forest close to Funny Name Ranch

Uh huh.

Which isn't nearly as dangerous as this place...

Uh huh.

Uh- wait, what?

Squidtamer DA took out an ad in my local newspaper with this picture in it.

Let's... let's move on.

Instead of bears, we get a Zan. After chasing the Zan around the map for a bit...

Cleo, stop scolding the wild super killing machines.

Look, I don't care what he was doing here. Can we just get his goddamn fusion item so I can go home?

Thank you! Now let's see just what the item description for this is...


Welp, with all of these monsters unlocked I think it's time for a new form of monster raising: Magic Spells. You unlock these once you've earned at least one new monster. I'd explain how they work, but I'll just defer to Professor Farnsworth here.

Yikes! W-what happened!?

So glad you asked! It seems there's a connection between the Magic Fields and Incantations!

Wow! That's um, so that means... what exactly?

Ahem... According to this ancient Grimoire, perhaps the oldest in history...

Blah blah blah. Blabbity blah blah. A bloo bloo bloo. Keep mashing A until I shut up. Blahitty blah bloo.

And now you can write out words to summon monsters! I guarantee it'll knock your socks off!

And with that, we can fill in 7 blocks with whatever our twisted hearts desire. With that and the newly unlocked breeds, a whole new world of monster raising has been brought before us.

So now it's up to you to decide what we're going to use to summon our next monster. Just like last time, use the template above to make your submission, or simply vote on the one you like best.