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Part 20: Episode 20: Titty MacGuffin

I don't get how this can be the ultimate Official A Grade Cup. It's the only A Grade Cup, and it's not the final rank. I don't think Sapphire knows what words mean. Well, it's not the worst offense a Monster Rancher game has ever committed, so I'll let it slide. Let's move on to the monsters beating the tar out of each other for my amusement.

Our first opponent is a duck-plant. Think long and hard about this, and the beak in its stomach. If this thing can speak, I think all it could do is scream.

Samanosuke, being a ghost warrior, has no remorse of pity. Instead, he keeps kicking the plant down when it tries to get up. Then he laughs and laughs and laughs.

Eventually the plant stops getting up. Samanosuke doesn't stop laughing.

Dammit, I thought I left you in the losers brackets. Fine, let's get this over with. What kind of cheating, lame-ass monster do you have this time?

...Oh you son of a BITCH.

Rather than fight, the suits of armor do some kind of ice skating/breakdancing hybrid.

Samanosuke is clearly the better dancer. NEXT!

Wait, you can bet on your own fights? Why the hell am I grinding for cash like a chump?!

I don't think there is a normal job in this town. Unless you're Colt, and she doesn't count. For anything. Ever.

Going forward, the third-rate Dr. Doom's monster is some kind of centurion beetle. I'm not terribly impressed.

...And he never got back up. We win!

Uh... Okay...

The Volcano will be useful, oh yes. But that will wait. We have a few dozen more trespassers to trudge through.

What I wouldn't give for a few traps right about now. I don't need anything fancy-- just a boulder or a moving wall. Grant me this small boon, Tecmo. You owe me.

And that's how he got out of paying alimony.

I heard you've been promoted to Grade S! Congratulations!

Heheheh! It was easy, really.

You think that could be...

The Star Rock!?

Yep! The Star Rock we're apparently after is pinned to Elektra's chest. In other words...

So we get a magic wish rock thing for winning the S Rank Cup. I think we're going to need some serious prep work for that. But it should be pretty easy and--

Oh god fucking damn it.