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Monster Rancher

by Mr. Swoon

Part 11

Norman, he keeps glaring at me. It's putting me off.

There is only one solution: We put him in a hole and make him dig until there isn't any ground left.

To the mines, Dirty! Live up to your name!

He spent quite a few weeks digging away, gaining some stats and sweet precious cash.

Then one federally mandated nap.

Then back to the mines.

This is what his stats ended up like at the end of his mining tour. I wanted to make him keep going, but Holly said she had something more important to discuss.

It's about time we upgrade our ranch house. We've got cash, and we need more space.

Wait a minute, what's this "we" business? That's my house and more importantly my money.

Fine. At any rate, the ranch needs improving. The monster hut, too. They say that the monster's living condition, the better the monster is.

Who says that? I want names. Names and addresses.

Will you just give me an answer already?

First tell me how much it'd cost to do these so-called "upgrades".

Well, the house costs $2000 and the pen will cost $2500. I swear you'll see immediate positive results if you do this.

...Are you propositioning me?

I'll pretend I didn't hear that so I don't feel the urge to slip poison in your waffles.

Fine, fine. I'll think about it.

Great! I go call the contractors!

But I said- oh forget it. Well guys, what do you think? Should I upgrade the house, the pens, or both?