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Part 14: Getting lost at the Titus temple

All right, we'll give it a try. Karn, we'll go with you.

Really? Thank you!

Well, let's get ready to do some dungeon crawling.

Why are you dressed like that?

The temple's way up north. It'll be freezing. You should wear something warm, too.

No thanks, I think I'll be fine. I'll leave the bundling up to the little girls and old men. REAL men don't mind being a little chilly, right Dirty?

Is everyone ready? Then let's go!

You guys do know that we have a car, right?

Yes. Monsters were worshipped as gods here in Titus. Those monsters rarely exist anymore today.

And here we are, using them for cheap labor and making them fight each other for our amusement. You gotta love it.

We'll find out more once we go in. Onward!


We can't move on with the broken gate in the way.

Yes we can. You just walk over it. It's just some scraps of wood on the ground.

But the broken gate is in the way! We need Dirt McGirt to clear it.

But... are you... Fine. Whatever. Dirty, go push aside the rubble so we can shut these two up. And be quick about it, or I might have to cut you open and sleep inside your body for warmth.

I told you to bring a coat.

All he did was sweep away some debris with his tail. This is not a praise-worthy achievment.

Center? So this is the main area of the temple?

Right. But, there is another hidden portion here that was used for secret rituals.

...You're just making this up as you go along, aren't you?

Now we will send your monster into the temple to explore for us. While we stand around in the snow like morons.

He's got to be lost.

Or dead. Probably dead. He lacks the opposable thumbs needed to disarm traps.

Okay, so the big 3D letters say he's lost.

We could go inside the temple and look for him. It's not very big- I bet we could find him in like an hour.

There is no time. We are running out of food, let's go home.

That works too.

But... All right...

5 weeks have passed, and Dirt hasn't been found. This is not unexpected, since we left him for dead in an abandoned temple in the dead of winter.

Holly, why am I paying $100?

To find Dirt McGirt

Even though we know where he is.

But we need to find him!

Another few weeks pass. Holly made me waste my damn money.

Well, I'm so relieved. Never do that again, you understand! Don't you have something to say to him, Norman?

...Yes. Yes I do.

Have fun at the slaughterhouse, Dirty! Holly, we're getting a new monster. No dogs this time. I've had enough of them.

Here are our choices this time:

Mr. Bungle - Mr. Bungle

Danko Jones - Sleep Is The Enemy

Persona 3 Soundtrack

Bootsy Collins - Play With Bootsy

White Zombie - Supersexy Swingin' Sounds

Choose a CD and suggest a name for me, folks. And if it turns out to be another dog, I'll go with the next popular choice.