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Part 16: Megatron crushes E Rank

Come on, Megatron. Let's go work out.

How the fuck do you keep failing at pulling some carts?! Holly could do a better job than you. In fact... Holly, go pull some carts.


I mean, get out The Box.

Megatron was very sorry.

We're not going to stop until you can pull carts like a champ. Get back to it!

That's good. Now do it again.




Megatron is crying.

That's more like it! Now rest up. We're gonna run you through the kiddy tournaments as quickly as possible, so I can send you off to school.

It seems like such a waste that I lose my license rank every time I change monsters. Once I win them all, I'll have my revenge. Oh yes.

For some reason, the E Rank competition was exactly the same as it was when I sent Dirt McGirt here. Maybe the trainers keep a warehouse full of these monsters, in case they get eaten.

Megatron's lack of speed is all the more apparent now. But I don't think it'll matter. His hands could crush skulls like they were ripe melons.

He went on to prove my point. A mere flick of his finger shattered almost every bone in the suezo's body.

I wonder if I could wear that thing's skin as a suit...

That is disgusting.

Hey, I'd have him cleaned first.

Megatron flashed a gang sign at his opponent before the match began.

The leprechaun doggy wasn't too pleased by that. I think we have a gang war on our hands.

If it weren't for his speed, Megatron would probably end this fight in an instant.

But because he's so slow, his punches were easily dodged by the McDog. It started barking some old House of Pain songs as it danced around Megatron.

However, Megatron was able to see a pattern in the dog's movements. He timed a finger flick to hit just as the dog jumped in front. The force from the flick sent its face splattering into the ceiling.

Pleased with his victory, Megatron started popping and locking in front of his beaten foe's bloody face cavity.

I figured out what's wrong with this dinosaur. He has flat teeth, but he has the body type of a tyrannosaurus. It's not right.

Well, I'm sure Megatron will break its teeth into nice, sharp jagged points. Along with the rest of its body.

Barney's yellow clone managed to get a few quick hits in, thinking it could win by a time-out if it kept sticking and moving.

But they all eventually fall to the finger of doom.

That'll do, golem. That'll do.

To celebrate his victory, Holly started beatboxing while Megatron layed out some phat moves. It's a shame none of you could be here to see it. But we still have work to do! What kind of training should Megatron go for next?