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Part 19: Making a man out of Megatron

So, Holly... Where do you think we should send Megatron?

The Box?

Ha ha ha ha, you're learning. But no. We will send him to the mines, to dig up his rocky brethren.

He's a far better miner than Holly ever was.

No... not the mines again... I'll be good.

Rest it important for a growing monster, so you can work it even harder afterwards. Megatron, you are going to pull carts until they break.

The cart's broke.

A job well done! Let's see how well you can handle other tasks. For starters, we'll try sending you off to be a courier.

You drop a box, you go in The Box.

Megatron tried to cut his wrists.

Doesn't he need to have blood for that to work?

I don't think he even has wrists.

I guess we need to man up the emo baby. I'm taking him off to the woods for a week. We will hunt deer. He'll feel much better once he gets to make use of his killin' hands.

The plan is, I hide in a snow drift while Megatron looks for deer. Once he finds one, he'll let me know.

In retrospect, this probably would have worked better with a dog.

But Megatron was undaunted. He chased the deer down, and crushed its body with his mighty hands. After the kill, he realized that he was supposed to let me shoot the deer, so he held the mess up over his head as a target.

Let no one say I waste a perfectly good shot.

Megatron's mood improved, so I sent him back into the mines. When he returned, Holly ran up to us, waving a calendar and squealing.

Today is Megatron's 1st birthday!

Oh god no...

Let's sing a song!

Please, Holly. Don't.

I'm not sure if he was bowing out of respect, or threatening to backhand Holly. Hopefully the latter.

Oh yeah, there's also an official tournament this week.

Well, well, well. I think I know the answer, but for the sake of democracy I will ask. Should we send Megatron off to kill in my name?