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Part 2: Dirt McGirt is born

OK! I used Nigga Please like you guys said. Let's see what I got...

It's a big black dog. I'd say this was some sort of subtle racist allegory but I don't know what that even means. At any rate, the dog is mine.

Thanks, shrine guy! I think he and I will get along just fine. Now I just need to name him. Since there was such a huge support of ODB, I decided to name him after his CD father (RIP).

Dirt McGirt. I think it's suitable.

Okay so additionally to the Shrine, this big city has a market where you can buy supplies and sell monsters into slavery, a lab where you can freeze and experiment on monsters, and a save point where they allow you to relive time itself from whatever point you visit them at. I don't know how they do that last part. I think it involves math.

Are you taking Dirt McGirt back to the ranch?

Oh. Right. I suppose I should do that. Come, Holly! To the ranch!

In accordance with federal animal cruelty laws, I'm required to feed my monster at least once a month. I wanted to use some canned monster feed, but Holly says they're just full of ash and dead cats. So I'm letting her come up with our menu options.

We got potatoes, fish, and some unspecified meat. If it were my choice, I'd go with fish but you guys are the experts so I'll go with your decision.

I also have to decide what we're going to do with our doggy each week. We can send him off to a very expensive professional trainer for a month (NO), we can let him hang around and do nothing like a sleepy cartoon dog, or we can schedule some exercises to train him.

Here's a list of what Holly can get him to do. For some reason, a lot of people are eager to hire random monsters to do jobs for them. They'll earn us a little cash, and improve some of his stats. What do you guys think I should make him do?