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Part 20: Megatron crushes the Official D Cup

We gon' crush some bitches tonight.

It seems as though Megatron has developed quite the reputation. Or his finger has, at any rate.

He's letting it get to his head. You can tell just from looking at him.

He is not, however, intimidating the fat stone doggy.

But with those stats, he should be.

The match began and ended with Megatron driving his finger into the fat doggy's head as if he were putting out a cigarette.

Next up was another weird one-eyed owl. I can not stress enough how much suezos freak me out.

Oh god look at his health. He'll die if Megatron so much as breathes on him.

Megatron opted for a better move, and punted the suezo through the roof as if it were a soccer ball shot out of a cannon. That thing's probably orbiting the moon by now.

The next match was yet another golem showdown, old west style.

All generic golem #3 had going for him was a slightly higher defense.

At high noon, the two men of rock drew their fingers like six-shooters. Megatron got the first hit, right in the other's golem's face.

The blow was so strong, it twisted the golem's upper torso around 180°.

Before the final match, I found a letter attached to an arrow that was shot in the back of Holly's head.

I'm not hurt, by the way. Thanks for your concern. Jerk.

It was in some kind of crazy oriental moon language, but they provided pictures to help me understand it. Basically, there is a league of dinosaur assassins, and they have declared a blood feud on Megatron for dishonoring one of their own.

The ninja dinosaur let off a blood-curdling screech and dived feet-first into Megatron's chest.

Of course, this is a small raptor hitting a living brick wall, so he ricocheted a good 20 feet. It did hurt Megatron a little, but the dinosaur took most of the impact.

And with that one move, the match ended. The dinosaur, disgraced by its loss, committed seppuku in front of the judges. It was actually pretty cool.

With his final victory, Megatron has gained even more fame and enough cash to let me snort many lines of coke of many quality hooker's asses. This has been a good day. You may pump your fist in satisfaction now, Megatron.

Good boy.

Hey, you know now that you're back at C Rank you can use all the training courses again. It'd be a better use of our money than feeding your drug habit.


If you want me to use your cash to send Megatron to a training course say "what"


You got it, sir!

I just need to figure out where he should go...