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Part 21: Training hijinks at the center

Hi, I'd like to send Megatron here to Tonga please.

Sure thing. Uh. Incidentally, what happened to that other guy?

He's... He's indisposed at the moment.

Megatron was not the fastest runner we've had here at the training center. Usually, he would run a few feet and call it a night. But it was still enough to boost his skill a little.

After the first week, something strange happened. Megatron wouldn't move. He sat at the top of Tonga's hill, and entered what could only be called a meditative trance. For weeks, he would not eat or sleep. He'd just sit there, in deep thought. It's like the story of Buddha, particularly because he doubled in size at the end of his session here. Some of the handlers are considering forming a religion around him.

Despite his attained self-awareness, he did not learn a new skill.

I am very disappointed in you, Megatron!

Aww, I can't stay mad at you.

What the holy hell is going on around here?! Did Megatron grow bigger, or did all that cocaine somehow shrink me? I want answers, Holly! I mean, christ. Look at him! He's big enough to face-fuck the statue of liberty!

You sent him off to train his skill in a drug-frenzy, and he became The Buddha.

Oh... Uh... That actually makes sense. Ok then, if training his skill made him into a living god, then we'll see what happens when we train up his power. Send him to Salem.

And the drug thing?

I don't want to risk running that joke into the ground.

We carefully figure out how to improve a monster's strength through many scientific methods. For Megatron, we calculated that freezing things make them hard, therefore freezing a rock, which is already hard, should make it even stronger. So we sent him into a cave in the mountains. He doesn't seem too pleased about it. Each morning he walks out of his cave and howls for about 5 hours.

As far as we can tell, he should have become much stronger. We can't actually send you a detailed report, as we can not seem to find him. Terribly sorry about that. In lieu of a refund for losing your monster, we will be sending you a free FIMBA ballpoint pen and mug.

Unlike Dirt McGirt, Megatron managed to find his way home after a couple of weeks.

Thank goodness! Don't you EVER do that again! I was worried sick!

I am sending you to the slaughterhouse so hard!

Wait! Don't! He's sorry about getting lost. He won't do it again, I swear!

No excuses! I won't have slackers on my ranch!

But you just finished spending $4000 on him. Do you want to throw that away? Not to mention having to go through the low level tournaments all over again.

God damn it! She hit me in my greed spot. I don't know what to do. Should he stay, or should he go?