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by Mr. Swoon

Part 23: Exploring Reno

All right, Santa. We'll go to the jungle with you.

That's great! Except it's a desert.

God damn it.

Where the hell did you get that pith helmet from?

No time to explain, we've got to go! Lead the way, Megatron.

Where did those other guys go?

What other guys?

I hate both of you so very much.

Are these Reno's ruins?

Correct. There once was a thriving culture here.

In the middle of the desert.

Yes. Reno City's culture is vastly different than those of Salem and Hartville.

No shit? I never imagined a frozen wasteland and a desert wasteland would be so different.

Is there a chance that we'll see some monsters here?

Well, I'm not sure...

You're a brilliant scholar, Karn. I'm so glad you dragged us out here, where nobody will be able to find your body.

What was that?

I said we should start exploring right away!

I decided the best way to dig through these delicate ruins was to let my giant stone humanoid wander aimlessly around until we find something interesting.

And it worked!

Hmm... It seems to be a place dedicated to monsters. Most likely a mausoleum.

Well then, let's send Megatron in to do some grave robbing!

Jackpot! Okay Megatron, go find us some more dig sites.

Office? What kind of office?

..... Some place having to do with monsters.

Let me get this straight. These ancient desert ruins have office buildings.


And said offices have something to do with monsters, but you don't know what.

That's right.

Sounds plausible to me. Let's get to looting.

It's another disc fragment. Is that really all you could find in the office? I mean, I'd settle for some pens or a desk chair or something.

Let's go that way!

And you know this how?

I've got a good feeling!

Good enough. So all we have to do is climb over this pillar and

We can't go on until this pillar is cleared away!

Oh god, this again. Whatever. It's hot, I'm tired, and I just don't care enough to argue. Megatron, smash.

You are so worthless, I think I might cry.

Hey, we're almost out of supplies. Time to go home!

It was a lot of fun! Right, Norman?


Why are you looking at Karn like that, Norman?

I kind of blacked out towards the end of our expedition. Holly doesn't want to talk about it. On the plus side, I got two CD fragments and this slightly stained pith helmet. Well! I suppose we should figure out what to make Megatron do next, shouldn't we?