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Part 26: Little Sideshow Charlie writes about his visit to the C Cup

I got to go to the Colosseum today!

Here's my mommy, me, and my daddy outside the Colosseum. It was so big! And it was all gold and shiny! But what I was REALLY excited about was seeing my favorite monster up close!

MEGATRON! He's so cool! I saw him one time at his first game when I was four. Now I finally get to see him again! He's the best monster ever because he is made of rocks.

These were the bad monsters he was fighting! There was a weird bug, a ninja dinosaur, a fat doggy, a grapefruit, a pixie, a mean purple one eye thing, and a puddle.

Megatron beat the bug and the grapefruit by turning into a TORNADO and throwing them around! Wow! I've never seen him do that before! Maybe he can turn into a tank, too. I should write him a letter asking him to try it!

My mom wouldn't let me watch Megatron beat the dinosaur. From all the screaming, it sounded really cool too. Oh well.

Megatron tried to pet the doggy but its head 'sploded.

I found a souvenir!

Megatron fought a pixie after that, but it looked boring so I went and got some juice.

When I got back, I saw Megatron getting beat by some purple thing with one eye! It had an eye laser! That's not fair! If the other monsters get eye lasers, then Megatron should get a bazooka. I should write him a letter and ask him to try that!

I saw him later sitting with a box on his head while people yelled at him.

A few rounds later, Megatron came back and beat up the puddle and the grapefruit again. And guess what? He WON! I knew Megatron could do it! That purple thing totally cheated. After the last match, I got to do the bestest thing ever...I got to meet Megatron and his trainers!

This is Ms. Holly and Mr. Norman. They train Megatron for all his fights. Ms. Holly was really nice to me. Mr. Norman never smiled ever. I'm sure he's a nice guy too, but his face scares me.

This is when daddy got to go see Megatron up close. They really got along.

They even played together! Maybe dad could be a monster rancher some day!

After dad was put in the ambulance, Mr. Norman gave mom a bag of sugar and said "This never happened." How silly!

I've been visiting my dad in the hospital every day, but the doctors say it'll be a few weeks before he can start talking again, so I can't ask him how cool it was to play with Megatron. But if he could talk, I bet he'd say exactly what I would; it was the bestest day ever!