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Part 28: Megatron is in his most important stage now

This is the most important stage in Megatron's development.

Yes. I know. You keep telling me this every five minutes.

I want to make sure you understand this. It is a very important stage in his development. THE most important stage in his development. You must take good care of Megatron.

It was at this point that I threw an empty whiskey bottle at Holly's face, and sent Megatron off to do more guard duty. And get me some more whiskey.

Norman, this is the most important stage in Megatron's development.

God damn it, I'm out of bottles. Fine Holly, we'll send Megatron off to do some training. Will that shut you up?

Yes. Because he is going through his most important stage now.

I want to boost Megatron's defense.

Ah, very good. We have a desert course with sandstorms so strong, he'll either get tougher or become very very smooth.

I hope you take good care of him. He is going through his most important stage now.

Any chance you could take her, too?

Megatron adapted to our desert range very quickly. It was like he was born for the desert. The heat doesn't phase him, and the sandstorms only make him tougher.

One day on the training course, Megatron and his handlers were ambushed by a pack of dinosaurs in black robes. They used the sand to their advantage, killing two trainers before anyone knew what was happening. Just as the remaining handlers were diving for cover, the attack ended. Megatron stood there alone, surrounded by lizard bodies bent in shapes that no living thing should make.

Nothing eventful happened this week. Training continued as scheduled. Although Megatron now wears robes sewn together from the garbs of the dinosaur ninjas he faced. He looks like a giant, golden Lawrence of Arabia.

Megatron has successfully passed every week of training in our Reno course. Despite his new defensive power, he did not learn any new skills.

I won't put you in The Box this time, but I will take away your new outfit. I didn't raise no faggots.

Megatron locked himself in his room. I can hear him playing Linkin Park from here.

Oh that does it. I told you I didn't raise me no prissy faggots! You're going to the mines, boy! You gonna dig until you a man again!

Megatron got drunk and beat up some policemen after one night of mining.

That's my boy! I'm proud again. You may resume your night watchman role.

Hello again!

Oh no...

I'm going back to Titus Temple. Can Megatron come along?

I don't know, Santa. Your little trips have a very shitty track record, and I don't think I could trust you with so much as a goldfish. But I have a democratic soul, so I will leave it up to the people. Go ask the internet.

Oh. All right. Hello, internet! Can I take Megatron with me to Titus?