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by Mr. Swoon

Part 3: Dirty's first job

You're sending him to the circus? Well, all right.

He lost a little strength, but everything else went up and I like it when numbers go up.

Next he wanted to rest. I decided to be nice this time and let him. After that, he's off to deliver the mail.

Do you think this is a good idea? He's a dog. Wouldn't he just eat the mail?

Who has the monster license here, you or me?

Well, you but...

But nothing! You're paid to follow my orders, not question them.

I'm being paid?

Nevermind that, just get Dirt to the post office.

He actually did it.

This is why you don't question my orders, woman. He lost some defense, but the only one here who needs to learn how to take a punch is Holly. All right, next we'll send him off to the mines.

Dirt McGirt is tired. Will you let him rest?

He just took a nap 2 weeks ago! He'll go to the mines and like it!

Don't you make that face at me.


I have the option of making Holly beat up the giant canine monster for failing to follow my orders. But I don't know. I've read so many things on the internet about beating vs not beating your kids, and this is almost the same thing. So what should I do, guys?

Also, I think I might need help deciding what to make him do next month, job-wise.