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Part 30: Guard duty

I think Megatron could use a few more weeks of guard duty.

You know, they never actually pick up the ninjas and burglars Megatron catches. There's a big pile of 'em near the front door.

After all that napping he did at his guard job, he needed a little time for a nap.

Today is Megatron's 3rd birthday!

I was dreading this...

Sing it....


Anyway, back to guard duty.

It is going to take months to build up his defense at this rate.

Argh. I want him to be tough NOW! Let's see what good the mines will do him.

Well, it's a start. Maybe a little more guarding to be safe.

There is a tournament this week. The prize is $5000 plus a CD fragment. I think it would be a good chance to see how far Megatron's skills have come.

Ehhhhh I'll think about it. Or ask other people to think about it for me.