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Part 36: Holly and Megatron load up on taffy

I want as much taffy as I can carry! Megatron and I are going to eat them until we get tummy aches!

Alright, there ya go.

Three? But... But it's just taffy. I can carry a lot more than that.

Then you could give me a bag! Bags are good for holding things. In this case, they are good for carrying lots and lots of taffy.


Yes, sir. Maybe I can sell some of those disc fragments?

That is acceptable.

Good bye hunks of stone, and hello taffy!

That's all you could get? 8 pieces of taffy?

Giuseppe gets a little worked up over inventory space. Plus he might have still held a grudge over something you did.

Aheh heh... I warned you not to mention my name. Anyway, let's stuff Megatron full of taffy.

Eeeee! He likes it!

You're getting a little too excited over some candy.

I like taffy! Plus, all that sugar should give him enough of a rush to avoid having to rest. Look at how hyper he is!

HEY! STOP HUMPING THE CART! God damn it. Holly get me a hose. Once he's either calmed down or... finished... Make him chop some posts.

God bless that taffy for letting me work him non-stop. Hey Megatron! You like carts so much, then you can start pulling them. And if I catch you trying to fuck one, you'll spend a month in The Box.

I think he might have enough power now.

What? You think 700 is overkill?

I think calling it "overkill" is like calling the sun "kind of warm".

Oh fine. We'll go shoot things, then. I still have a bloodlust going on after our last run-in with Santa.

Hey, Norman? The official tournaments are this week.

Really, now? Hmm... You know, I totally forgot about it up until now, but I did vow revenge on that horrible pink suezo. He's probably just sitting there in one of those lesser rank fights, killing hapless golems with his stupid mind beams.

But if we did that, Megatron's reputation would take a hit. Also, I think he might be strong enough to hold his own in the A rank.

True, but he's already the most famous monster on Earth. I don't think we need to worry too much about his rep. But you sort of have a point on the A rank thing.

I just can't decide. Should we go back for revenge, or press forward to crush yet another rank?