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Part 44: Galvatron funkin' it up

Allll right, Galvatron! Today, we are gonna pump up your power to unforseen levels! Start pullin' dem carts.

Not bad, not bad. But we need to work on your ability to hit things, too. And we do this by making you watch me shoot deer. Don't ask me how this works.

Yes! Just like that! Now do it again.


Mission accomplished. Now back to shooting things.

This is going to take way too long. I think I'm gonna have to send you to the training center.

Oh, hello m- uh, where's Miss Holly?

You deal with me now.

Yeah, but where's Miss Holly?

Hello? I said where's Miss-

And what do you say if anyone asks?

I fell...

Good boy. Now get to working on Galvatron's skill.

While not like his spiritual brother, Galvatron adapted to a very similar meditative regimen.

He sat and focused night and day on whatever thoughts were in his heart. There was a touch of sadness in the air.

Within 3 weeks, Galvatron had mastered every technique that Megatron had learned in the 6 months Megatron spent meditating. There is something special within this golem.

I stopped reading the letter after it said "new technique". My boy learned a new attack! Let's take a look.

Man, he's going to be a killing machine in less than a year! I think Holly was simply holding me back all this time. Now I can train my monster how I like, and the results speak for themselves. In fact, I'm going to use my own judgement and send him swimming.

Please don't break my glasses again.

Galvatron swam. A lot.

That's about it. The swimming made him smarter, because Golem brains are in their legs. At least, I think so. I probably should have looked at that anatomy book a little closer before designing this course. Regardless, he managed to learn yet another new attack.


Rockin'. Let's test out his new-found punching capability.

If Holly were here, I bet I could gross her out by making Galvatron eat that suezo's eye. Sigh... Too bad.

Ha HA! Who's the smart monster now, one-eye?! I hate suezos so much.

And so does Galvatron. He gouged its eye out and put it in backwards. It scared off the next opponent, so this tournament has only one match left.

D-dirty? Oh god, I'm being haunted.

Kill him, Galvatron! Make sure he never comes back!

Dirt McGirt, or a distant cousin, was kicked through the arena walls. It sounds more impressive than it was; the arena was made out of balsa wood.

But regardless, I won $1000 and Galvatron gained a little fame. Gimme a fist pump, boy.


Now pull one more cart for good measure.

Oh hey, the official E Cup is today. I bet I could win it.

Yeah, I think I could win it. On my own. Just me and my monster. MEN OF ACTION! God, I'm lonely.

Oh, and what do you guys think? Battle or training?