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Part 47: If I ever use Eye of the Tiger in another LP, you have permission to punch me in the stomach.

Blister posted:

I'm going on a hunger strike until Norman gives Holly the respect she deserves for raising these awesome animals.


Cool, I've never seen anyone starve to death before. Hey Holly, looks like you're going to have another death on your conscience!

But... But you're the one who-

No time to talk, we have a monster to train! We will take Galvatron to the mighty woods of the pacific northwest, and not come back until he has left it bare.

Yeah ok that's good enough.

Are you sure? Not that I condone deforestation, but he has barely scratched a few logs.

I realized how much I loathe nature. All these animals just make me angry to be alive. And so, I want Galvatron to start punching things. He will punch, and punch, and punch until nothing's left standing.

Also, I think we need another vintage training montage.

Dun dun da da dundun da da dundun da da dundun

Dun dun da da dundun da da dundun da da dundun

Risin' up, back on the farm. Did my time, took my chances.

Went the distance, now I'm causin' more harm. Just a golem and his will to survive.

It's the

Eye of the tiger, it's the cream of the fight. Da da da, something riiivaaal.

Na na na na na stalks in the night. Doo doo doo EYE!

Of the tiiiigeeeeeer!

You made me do a poorly-planned Rocky parody for NOTHING! You, young monster, are going to visit The Box.

Oh no, I thought you got rid of that.

Nah, I was just using it to make moonshine in. Just hose it off before you put him in there.

Galvatron is sulking.

BOX! I will not have him turn into a fuckin' pansy.

Is he a man yet?

More man than some people...

What was that?

I said he's stopped sulking now!

Well alright, then.

But he is getting pretty tired. I think he might need some rest.

Or... I could give him your taffy.


My taaaaffyyyyyy!

I wish I were dead.

And I wish Galvatron was logging. Guess who's wish is going to come true? I'll give you a hint: It's not yours.

Now what?

And I could use a nice, big monster to do the exploring for me.

Why do you keep coming to us? There are hundreds, if not thousands of other trainers to choose from.

Yes, but they actually care about their monsters. Norman here has developed a, shall we say, reputation.

It's good to know I'm getting the respect I deserve.

Well? How about it? Do you want to take Galvatron on an adventure?

Well, internet? Do I?